Do You Want To Know A Secret? Victoria Black

ADC Member's lettering project encourages people to share what hides in their heart

Everybody has secrets. Some are small and easy to keep, while others loom within our psyches, gnawing to get out in some shape or form. For those who have ones that fall in the latter category, New York illustrator, letterer and ADC Member Victoria Black and her new “Secrets People Tell Me” project can be your release.

The idea is simple: anybody can anonymously share a secret, and Victoria will illustrate it via hand lettering. “It’s sort of therapeutic to share your thoughts, even if it’s just to get them off your chest,” she says. “Sometimes the secrets are meant for a special person, sometime’s they’re just silly and fun. My goal is to make them beautiful.”

“The best part of this project is that people tend to open up once they know they can say what’s on their minds without judgement”

Of course this is just a fun side project for Victoria, a longtime friend of ADC. She also designed the posters for the 2013 and 2014 ADC Paper Expos, and has been experimenting with food lettering.

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