1. Dany Lennon's homey desktop.

  2. Darcy Brik's workspace.

  3. Rei Inamoto's minimalist setup.

  4. Steve Taylor's makeshift work space.

  5. Robert Wong's perch.

Desktop Stories

Where the ADC Community Works

Desktop Stories is your glimpse into the creative lives of your fellow ADC Members and Board of Directors, a peek at the posts where countless hours are being spent and amazing work is being made.

For all the hype about long showers and walks in the park as the best places to have a lightbulb moment, the fact is, most of our days are spent sitting in a familiar place executing the less glamorous details and making the “Aha!” idea into a reality. So we’re taking a tour of some of the desks in the ADC community, learning what you surround yourself with, how you fuel up, and what keeps you going while you get the job done.



ADC Board Director Dany Lennon, President, The Creative Register, Inc.

What’s the thing on your desk you’re most proud of?

Two things. One is my vitamin tray, which is there to ensure that I take them every day, religiously. And one thing you cannot see is on either wall on both sides of my desk are slews of photos of the people I love. I just have to have that there to motivate me!

What do you think requires the most explanation on your desk? 

I probably look out of place with this desk! It’s practically bare and that is not the impression I give people!



ADC Member Darcy Briks, Principal & Creative Director, Second Language Design

What song would be playing in the background of your photo? 

“Everyday I’m Hustlin'” by Rick Ross

What’s your philosophy on neatness vs. clutter?

Constant clutter, constantly try to clean it up. I’m often working from different places, filing things away, adding to the pile. It’s an ever changing work load and therefore work space, but I’m always trying to reduce, reduce, reduce the piles.




ADC Board Director Rei Inamoto, Chief Creative Officer/Vice President, AKQA

What’s your most necessary everyday desktop staple?

 It’d be a stack of paper – and I’m somewhat peculiar about this. I take 8.5″ x 11” scrap paper from recycle bins next to printers, I cut them in half and I use that as my sketchbook / notepad. That’s the most essential tool of my everyday work other than the laptop.

What kind of music or ambient noise do you listen to while you work? 

 I do when I need to concentrate. On my playlist recently, it’s been: Ryuichi Sakamoto (Japanese composer), William Orbit (electronica DJ), the soundtrack from Gravity, and graduation speeches (I recently spoke at the graduation at my alma mater).



ADC Member Steve Taylor, Copywriter & Creative, The Great Agency Adventure

What item on your desk requires the most explanation?

The half empty bag of bouncy balls next to the second monitor. I was walking with Jim Harper (Partner and ECD of Boxing Clever) one day and we ran into a friend of his. He randomly had a few bags in his trunk and decided to gift us one. Since then, we’ve been slowly emptying it through a variety of pranks and office hijinks.

What is the most essential item on your desk when comes to getting the job done?

I think it’s a tie between my laptop and my Red Bull. One gives me the means to do the work, the other gives me the energy.



ADC Board Director Robert Wong, Chief Creative Officer, Google Creative Lab

What’s the thing on your desk you’re most proud of?

That power cord is for my laptop (which is not there), which usually means I’m not at my desk, which is most of the day. I’m usually running around, looking at work, hovering over people’s desks, looking for random good collisions, annoying the hell out of everyone. 

What technology on your desk do you rely on the most?

I can’t live without my Bowers & Wilkins headphones, and the webcam. I’m on google hangouts about seven times a day from my desk.


Show us your workspace! Whether it’s a cluttered desktop or a favorite spot that’s not a desk at all, we want to see the place where you bring your ideas to life every day.

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