David Droga Inducted into the ADC Hall of Fame

The ADC is thrilled to induct David Droga as one of five laureates selected for its prestigious Hall of Fame, alongside Barry Blitt, Deborah Sussman, Mary Ellen Mark, and Kevin O’Callaghan.

David Droga is the founder and creative chairman of Droga5, an independent advertising agency headquartered in Manhattan with offices in Sydney and Auckland. With clients such as PUMA, Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola, Hennessy, UNICEF, Newcastle Brown Ale, and the United Nations, Droga5 has garnered some of the highest acclaim in the industry.

David’s work has a unique way of transcending traditional media buys and keeping people talking long after the first impression is over.

He convinced the world that Marc Ecko broke into an airbase and tagged “Still free” on Air Force One.

He scattered the pages of Jay-Z’s biography “Decoded” all over the world before the book hit stores, sending people on a geo-tagged scavenger hunt in anticipation of the release.

Not to mention, with the help of Sarah Silverman and “The Great Schlep,” Droga5 created a viral hit that may or may not have led to Obama winning the Florida vote by 51%.

Since starting Droga5 in 2006, David Droga has achieved more than many agencies have in decades. And he’s not stopping anytime soon. The youngest of five boys (his mother used to sew the kids’ names and numbers into their collars), David grew up surrounded by ambition.

At age 18 he got a job in the mailroom at Grey, and decided that instead of going out drinking with friends, he was going to apply himself to be the best. From there on out, Droga worked tirelessly to build his portfolio, and ultimately carved his own path as one of the most creative minds in the world.

"In the long history of ad agency brilliance – successful writers and outrageously distinctive art directors have ruled the land. And now, add the name David Droga to that list as this truly independent and innovative agency thinker rightfully takes his place as one of the creative geniuses of the modern marketing world."

Bob Giraldi, Film Director and Owner, Giraldi Media; Chair, Live Action Short Film Graduate Department, School of Visual Arts

Hear David Droga’s unabridged perspective on the potential of creativity, and why he still gets just as excited about the work as he did when he was 18, in this video.

And don’t forget to purchase your tickets to the Hall of Fame Gala on October 5th.