David Cascino “Thunderclaps” his way to ADC Gold

Award-winning developer tells the story behind his social media amplifier

Many of the winners at the ADC 93rd Annual Awards, held last month as part of the ADC Festival in Miami Beach, drew lots of applause, but only one winner brought his own thunderclap.

In the latest installment of ADC’s “Behind The Cube” series, we speak with not a creative director or a graphic designer, but rather a developer-turned-entrepreneur. David Cascino, Founder and CEO of Thunderclap, shares his story of what sparked the idea for the ingenious “social media amplifier” which allows people around the world to band together and donate their digital voice to spread news of a given cause. In short, the idea worked — so well that even the White House called them to start a Thunderclap against gun violence.

From SOPA and PIPA to the Occupy Wall Street movement, David drew insights from real-life protestors interacting and working together to strengthen their voices. In observing their “human megaphone” tactics which circumvented local noise ordinances, he wondered, could the same thinking be applied to overcoming digital noise?

“It was like getting punched in the face. I realized there was no way to do this exact thing online. There was no way that people could band together to amplify a message. I saw an opportunity that I had to fill.”

Thunderclap was designed and developed in collaboration with Droga5 as part of their in-house incubator, DE-DE. The platform brought home an Interactive Gold Cube at the ADC 93rd Annual Awards Festival in Miami Beach. To see more Cube winners and get inspired, visit adcawards.org – and stay tuned for more “Behind The Cube” videos throughout the year.