Dan Savage’s Mixed Parts

This ADC Member founds a community-driven hub for all things animation.

Hey what’s up animators! We thought you’d like to hear about a new place to hangout online that’s all about discovering, sharing and discussing what’s happening in animation today and be a part of shaping what happens tomorrow. Founded by ADC Member Dan Savage, mixed.parts is 100% browse-able, like a chat room slash Reddit board but way more curated to your taste levels and very informative. Ever wonder what someone’s storyboarding process looks like? Maybe you’ve always wanted to ask an animator what project management tools he or she uses. Now, you can! P.S. while any one can browse, only mixed.parts members  can post on the site for now, as the founders lay the…foundation for the community.

Peep the animated announcement video below!


Founder: Daniel Savage
Designer: Rob Junge
Developer: Joshie Fishbein
Copywriter: Graham Hiemstra
Additional Animation: Pat Finn
Promo Sound Design: Ambrose Yu