1. "20,000 Logs Under the Sea" by Dan Savage

  2. "Meet Your Match" by Matthias Hoegg

  3. "Sparkler Yule" by Keetra Dean Dixon

  4. "Perpetualog" by Jorge R. Candedo Estrada

  5. "Untitled" by Skip Hursh

  6. "Yule Log™" by Dark Igloo

  7. "Feliz Navilog" by Brian Gossett & TJ Socher

Dan Savage: Yule Log 2.014

ADC Young Guns X winner reignites his annual holiday tradition

It’s Christmas Eve, and if you live on the other side of the globe from ADC Headquarters, Santa is already beginning to make his annual rounds. For the rest of us, we still have several hours before the big man in red graces our rooftops. That leaves us plenty of time to enjoy all of the work that went into this year’s iteration of Yule Log 2.0, the holiday collaborative project led by ADC Young Guns X winner Dan Savage.

For those of you with their heads buried in their Christmas stockings for the past two holiday seasons, Yule Log 2.0 reimagines the traditional holiday tradition with a series of short films created by illustrators, animators, directors and coders. This year Dan received contributions from over 60 different artists, including fellow ADC Young Guns Brian Gossett, Dark Igloo, Jorge R. Candedo Estrada, Keetra Dean Dixon, Matthias Hoegg and Skip Hursh.


Created by Dan Savage

Curated by Oddfellows

Website designed and built by Wondersauce

Copywriter Liz Marks

Sound Design by Marmoset

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