Creative Journeys: Lisa Papa

ADC wishes to share with you the stories of our community – stories of success, struggle, and inspiration – through our Creative Journeys series. We hope that something in their words will push you to follow your own entrepreneurial path.

In our first Creative Journeys piece, we share Lisa Papa’s story. She is the Designer and Founder of 2Dog Design, based in New York City.

Who inspires you professionally – a friend, boss, or mentor – and why? 


Lisa Papa

I studied Fine Art in the desert Southwest and Graphic Design in New York City. I was exposed to the finest teachers that came from all areas of the nation. I was inspired by their passion for their craft and drawn to the knowledge gained from their culturally diverse backgrounds and exposure to the art and design community. Their work as well as their students were showcased in galleries, museums, and published in magazines. They were my mentors and instrumental to my decisions in every step of this journey.

What accomplishment are you most proud of, professionally or otherwise? 

I am most proud of my involvement and contribution within the social-community working with Arizona Game & Fish and becoming an active participate submitting original art for the NYC Visual Aids Benefit, Postcards from the Edge. I also volunteer my design work for Susan G Komen Greater NYC and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“Creativity is a means to communicate, participate, educate, and transform. It can move people to action, cause a reaction, or it can be silent. If my design evokes emotion in someone, then I’ve done my job. And when a design feels so right it evokes emotion in me before it’s complete, then I know I’ve hit my own personal mark. It’s a great feeling.”

What major sacrifices and/or challenges have you encountered on your career path? 

The biggest sacrifice I had to make on my career path was time. I obtained a position as an Information Technology Specialist at a young age while continually educating myself in technology with “on the job” real life experience. The experience and journey was the pinnacle of my professional career, but in my heart I knew I wanted something more.

“It was this realization and need for continued growth and change that opened a new door in my life – incorporating my one true love and passion for art into a new career direction.”

Creativity has always been a part of my life since a very young age. Color, composition, layout, and visually expressing my ideas in a variety of media always came natural to me. I never realized until much later in life that I could actually be part of a growing diverse community, making a difference with the talent that I possess.

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