Core77 Broadcasts: Offsite Event Videos


The videos of Core77’s Offsite event, Design, Wit, and the Creative Act, are up! Held at the Art Directors Club in New York City on November 9th, the day featured Moderator Ze Frank, Kidrobot’s Paul Budnitz, writer/editor Steven Heller, technologist Kelly Dobson, and artist Tobias Wong. (Well, almost Tobias Wong–you’ll have click on the link to find out more.)

Check out the little video taste above, then delve into the main dishes below:

frank_mini.jpg Ze Frank (5 min.)

budnitz_mini.jpg Paul Budnitz (11 min.)

heller_mini.jpg Steven Heller (7 min.)

kelly_mini.jpg Kelly Dobson (13 min.)

wong_mini.jpg Tobias Wong* (8 min.)

wong_mini.jpg Discussion Sampler (10 min.)