Coming to the ADC Community: Membership by Monotype

ADC's latest partnership grants access to 14,000+ fonts

Just because ADC and Monotype’s Typography Month is over (after being extended an extra month due to popular demand) doesn’t mean the typographic treats have ended.

We are thrilled to announce that Monotype, one of the world’s leading typeface providers, is, well, providing typefaces. If that doesn’t sound too exciting, allow us to elaborate. As a special thank-you to the ADC community, Monotype is granting complimentary three-month access to Membership by Monotype, the company’s cloud-based service that contains more than 14,000 different fonts — a virtual cornucopia of classic and modern typefaces for designers to experiment with.

“Monotype’s offer to our members and community is tremendous; it’s a gift,” says ADC Executive Director Ignacio Oreamuno. “This is the kind of benefit that truly serves our members’ careers and helps them to distinguish their work and succeed.”

If you’re a member of the ADC community, you’ll soon receive access information in your email inboxes. If you’re not an ADC Member… what’s taking you so long?