Color Me Pantone

A new app from the color authority gives your selfies a color swatch.

We love a good app. The kind that helps us explore our experimental art projects. That’s why when we heard about Pantone Studio by Pantone and Rokkan, we just had to download and try it. Among the numerous colorful ways to use the app (as seen in the slideshow above) we were really into the “Extract” feature. In a way that can only be described by a complicated algorithm or as we like to think of it “magic”, Pantone Studio accesses your photos with your permission, and deciphers the perfect color swatch for that photo. Yes, even your selfies inspire a color palette Picasso would be proud of. With the prices of art supplies annoyingly cutting into things like rent and food, this is a simple, fun and innovative way to get color swatches for free (in-app available). The sky’s the limit (or Pantone Sky 2707 C) to what you can create. So get snapping, start swatching, and let the good times (camera) roll.

Get it here.