Chris Rubino + Andrio Abero in December Editions

December Editions, a group show of prints on paper, features works by past ADC Young Guns Andrio Abero (YG4) and Chris Rubino (YG5), along with Paul Pope and Paula Scher, ADC Hall of Fame Laureate and winner of the ADC Design Sphere Award. Printmaking has been the backbone of counterculture art and design movements for decades, and even in today’s digital age, the process is still very much alive amongst many young designers. December Editions aims to provide a platform for viewing a group of prints rarely seen beyond books and digital manifestation. The Art Directors Club is proud to provide a space for design to be exhibited and appreciated in a gallery format. Closes December 23, 2009.

Opens: Thursday, December 10, 2009
At the Art Directors Club Holiday Party
@ ADC Gallery
106 West 29th Street, NYC