Brands Bewitched: Vrasidas Golemis

We're not the only ones dressing up this season. ADC Member Vrasidas Golemis re-creates famous advertising agency logos, in the spirit of Halloween.

Resumes are dead. So how do you get your dream agencies to take notice of you? Vrasidas Golemis has an idea. Too old for trick or treating, this ADC Member and recent Miami Ad School graduate is in search for the sweetest treat of them all – a gig that would set off his career in one of the agencies he’s repurposed in this series. You’re either a fan of pumpkin spice lattes or you’re not but in light of the season, #inktober in full swing and an all over eerie feeling in the air, we hope you enjoy these.

Tell us how you came up with this idea.

Being a recent Art Director graduate from the Miami Ad School and officially on the job hunt, a big part of my day consists of browsing through agency websites, researching about cultures, people and open positions. When I’m not job hunting, I enjoy taking strolls around the neighborhood and lately, seeing all the Halloween spirit slowly picking up. I also find it helpful to destress and relax by playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator and create fun stuff. So during the season trending with “pumpkin spice lattes”, I thought why not try to “spice up” the logos of some of the advertising agencies I follow?

Have you shared it with other agencies? Or the agencies you used? Any response?

I have not shared these creative designs yet. I recently finished this project and I decided to use the ADC platform to put the word out there. I know that ADC has a big number of followers, a lot of them work with those agencies, so I figured it was a good strategy to showcase my side project and attract their attention.

We like how you really made the existing logo mix with Halloween iconography kind of seamlessly. Was that your intention?

I researched various halloween symbols and colors, and then I tried to combine the logos with symbols. I experimented a lot until I found the perfect position for the symbols. I wanted to keep the logo font and aesthetic so it could still be easily recognizable after incorporating the theme into the existing designs.

Which one is your favorite?

It’s difficult for me to be objective, seeing as they are all results of my creativity and thinking process. Each one is unique in its own fun way. If I had to pick one though, I would go with the “72&Sunny” one.

Any agency who’s logo you had in mind but that did not work out?

The easiest were agencies that had icons as logos, but most of them have only their names – that of course, made things a bit more complicated. So I decided to do only 10, so that I wouldn’t find myself repeating the design elements. For example, I tried to do “Goodby Silverstein & Partners” but I couldn’t make it happen without overcomplicating the design.

What will you dress up as this year?

Haha, that’s a fun and unexpected question! To be honest, I haven’t decided yet. Usually I put on my “dark” side that day. So who knows what that will be this year.

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