Best Bad Critiques: Portfolio Night Detroit

The Motor City's CDs turned out fine. You can too.

With ADC Portfolio Night 13 — the world’s largest advertising portfolio review — only a week away,  we bet a number of you young creatives are getting kind of nervous. The thought of having your work systematically picked apart by the best CDs in your city is enough to really set the butterflies in your stomach into overdrive.

But Team Detroit, City Hosts for this year’s Motor City event, doesn’t want you to worry. In their city’s promo video, they’ve gathered up many of the creative directors who will be participating, and got them to share their early portfolio critique horror stories. They all got past that stage, and with Portfolio Night under your belt, you will too.

Portfolio Night 13 takes place in Detroit and 23 other cities around the world next Wednesday, May 20. Tickets and info are available at