Behind the Cube with Yoshihiro Yagi at Dentsu Japan

Here’s a taste our coming interview with this year’s triple-gold-cube winner, art director at Dentsu Japan, Yoshihiro Yagi. We learn much more about his team and their entry “LIFE IS ELECTRIC” in the next issue of ADC’s print publication. So you if you like this, just wait until the official interview comes out!

ADC: How does your team work together, especially during long nights at the office—the nights that advertising is famous for?

Yoshihiro: In fact, we try not to work through the night. That’s because physical and mental fatigue only eat you up, and you could easily make wrong judgments that will inevitably result in poorer quality creative work.

As a creative and art director, I make sure that everyone on my team always feels assured that he or she is part of the team and that they have responsibility in coming up with the solutions they are asked to contribute to the project. I strongly believe my team members should never be de-motivated, and that good ideas should always be shared in the best way possible. So, during design meetings I may play the theme song of a project or juxtapose words at random or ask my team members to bring photos. I always try to be flexible.

ADC: I’ve read that Dentsu Group “has adopted ‘Good Innovation.’” as its slogan and best philosophy. Could you describe a “Good Innovation” and how the “LIFE IS ELECTRIC” campaign represents this philosophy?

Yoshihiro: The concept of “Good Innovation.” reminds me to always be true to myself and to be flexible. For my clients and for any designs that I create, it is essential that I keep myself in the best condition possible: to always look at things without being judgmental; to always be alert as a professional in tackling new challenges, and; not resorting to the easy way out; and to always keep a fresh eye when looking at something new.

For this project, both our client and the Dentsu creative team worked to redefine the corporate identity of Panasonic with a fresh mind, and this may well have produced a campaign which some of you may see as a “Good Innovation.”

ADC: How do you hope “LIFE IS ELECTRIC” impacts the industry? What would you like people to gain from this project?

Yoshihiro: If people think this campaign is new and fresh, I’m more than happy. Although it may sound simple, being new and fresh has great value in itself.

ADC: Where do you see this illustrative approach in the next six months, in the next year? How do you see it evolving?

Yoshihiro: At the moment, we intend to keep this approach and expand media exposure to magazines and pamphlets.

ADC: What advice would you give someone who wants to create advertising similar to “LIFE IS ELECTRIC?”

Yoshihiro: Let me see… See as many great works as possible and try to come up with something you have never seen in works from the past. In other words, create something that you’ve never seen before!