Batter Up: Kevin Cantrell & Juan Carlos Pagan

ADC Young Guns winners team up to design a baseball bat trophy

Well the New York Yankees might’ve been ousted from the playoffs last night, but there is still plenty of baseball to be played this October (and besides, the ADC staff still has their Mets and Blue Jays to cheer for.) With that in mind, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to showcase this collaboration between two ADC Young Guns winners. Salt Lake City-based letterer and ADC YG13 winner Kevin Cantrell teamed up with New York-based designer, typographer, art director and YG11 winner Juan Carlos Pagan to produce the baseball bat to end all baseball bats.


Commissioned by Nike, the laser-etched bat employs illustrative and typographic treatments that seamlessly envelop the entire circumference with old world style.

Obviously this is not the bat you use to crank one out of the park like Lucas Duda or Josh Donaldson (remember: Mets and Jays fans here). This work of art is actually a trophy for the Home Run Challenge of the 2015 Perfect Game All-American Classic this past August, where the very best high school players face off and raise their draft prospect game. The trophy went to Plum Senior High School student Alex Kirilloff. Congratulations Alex! You might not know it, but you’ve got yourself a masterpiece right there.




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