Also won a SILVER award in the Advertising – TV/Film – Nonbroadcast Commercial category and SILVER in Motion for Direction and Editing.

Leo Burnett, Toronto, Chicago, London & Holler

Client: Procter & Gamble/Always

Art Director: Hmi Hmi Gibbs, Nick Bygraves
Copywriter: AJ Hassan, Angel Capobianco
Chief Creative Officer: Judy John
Creative Director: Judy John, Becky Swanson, Milos Obradovic
Director: Lauren Greenfield
Editor: Kathryn Hempel (Cutters)
Producer: Adine Becker
Production Company: Chelsea Pictures, SMG (Media Agency), MSL (PR Agency)
Participation Director: Jake Bruene
Planner: Karuna Rawal, Anna Coscia, Rachel Darville, Laura Jones
Account Director: Annette Sally, Heidi Philip , Gaia Gilardini, Sandy Kolkey, Lisa Bamber, Susan Lulich, Shaina Holtz, Matteo Carcassola
Country: Canada