1. Photo by Adriana De Cervantes

Immortality For Your Work

What will your legacy be? What will your craft and creativity say about you when you are no longer around to speak for it? Will your work be forgotten, or will it stand the test of time, inspiring future generations to forge their own paths and leave their own footprints?

For nearly a century, ADC has stood for celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship of commercial creative industries. Since 1921, the ADC Medal — followed by the ADC Cube — have have been awarded to creatives and creations that do make an impact, one that often extends beyond the lifespans of its deserved recipients. Late legendary designer and ADC Hall of Fame Laureate Massimo Vignelli once said “if you do it right, it will last forever”, and his friend, contemporary and fellow ADC Hall of Famer George Lois added that if your work lives forever, so will you. This has led to Mr. Lois’ theme for the ADC Awards Season 2015: “Immortality For Your Work.”

“If you do it right, it will last forever.”
— Massimo Vignelli

“If you do it right, it — and you — will live forever.”
— George Lois

ADC has reached out to several noted creatives, to have them share their own personal thoughts on the “immortality” of their own work. This ongoing Legacy series encourages the ADC community and beyond — from design students just beginning their journeys, to legends with decades of accolades behind them — to examine their own work and the legacy they hope to leave behind.

Steven Heller


Bonnie Siegler


Simon Harsent


Dana Tanamachi