1. Teeth

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Animation Director

Tom C J Brown

Tom CJ Brown is a British, Brooklyn-based Director, Designer, and Illustrator, who works closely with his animation wife Daniel Gray under the name of Holbrooks. Their work is a Trojan horse of aesthetic beauty and visual stimulation that draws the audience into the obscure and imagined world of their narratives.

Ranging from the banal and honest to the erotic and disturbing, Tom’s illustration and writing is personal and self-referential, drawing on the wealth of his real life experiences as an outsider and loner in New York. His films have been exhibited at over 100 international film and animation festivals; winning prizes at Sundance, SXSW, Annecy International Animation Festival, NY Shorts Fest, Amsterdam Film Festival, Ottawa, and more.

Holbrooks is represented by Blacklist in New York, where Tom now works in-house. His commercial work includes commissions for Red Cross, Coca-Cola, Google, Nike, UNICEF, Rdio, and Sesame Street.




Director, Designer, Animator, Writer, Producer: Tom Brown, Daniel Gray
Featured Voice: Richard E. Grant
Executive Producers: Adina Sales, Andrew Linsk, Sean McGovern, Wilson Brown
Background Artist: Leland Goodman
Flame Artist: Emir Hasham
Sound Design: Antfood
Sound Creative Director: Wilson Brown
Sound Executive Producer: Sean McGovern
Sound Producer: Morgane Mouherat
Sound Designers: Spencer Casey, Charlie Van Kirk, Yuta Endo, Fernando Arruda, Pedro Botsaris, Wilson Brown
Final Mix: Antfood
Produced by Holbrooks
Executively Produced by Blacklist

Director, Designer, Animator, Writer, Producer: Tom Brown, Daniel Gray
Voice Artist: Kristy Cromwell

Gogol Bordello
Director: Tom Brown, Daniel Gray
Animators: Tom Brown, Daniel Gray, Marika Cowen
Producer: Patrick Gantert
Executive Produver: Andrew Linsk

Icona Pop
Director: Tom Brown
Designer: Tom Brown
Animator: Tom Brown, Angelica Alzona, Denis Moran
Producer: Patrick Gantert
Executive Produver: Andrew Linsk

Director, Designer, Animator: Tom Brown, Daniel Gray
Agency: Y&R New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Josh Moore
Creative Director: Scott Henderson
Art Director: Mark Tallis
Copywriter: Cameron Dowsett
Agency Head of Production: Christina Hazard
Senior Account Manager: Steph Patton
Creative Planner: Jason Wells
NZ Production Co: Flying Fish
Executive Producer: James Moore
US Production Co: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producers: Alex Unick, Patrick Gantert
Blacklist Director: Holbrooks
Design: Dan Gray, Tom Brown, Marika Cowan, Angelica Alzona
Animation: Dan Gray, Tom Brown, Song E Kim, Marika Cowan, Alan Foreman, Angelica Alzona
Compositing: Tom Brown, Andrew Zimbelman
Music + Sound Design: Antfood