1. Volcom Art Loft, Costa Mesa, CA

  2. Fear Less, Summit, Powder Mountain, UT

  3. Kirin Cider "Fitzroy"

  4. Pure, Lamono. #95

  • Redfern, Australia
  • Typography, Illustration

Gemma O’Brien

Gemma O’Brien is an Australian artist and designer specialising in lettering, typography and illustration. Her work takes on a variety of forms, from calligraphic brushwork, illustrated letterforms and digital type, to large scale hand-painted murals. In addition to advertising commissions, gallery shows and speaking engagements, she hosts hand-lettering workshops around the world. A number of her projects have been recognised by the  New York Type Directors Club with Awards of Typographic Excellence. In her spare time she travels and draws puke puns on barf bags for the Spew Bag Challenge.