1. Gratuitous Type #4

  2. Half Wild Design: Elana Schlenker, Picture Sequencing: Christina Labey, Essay: Liz Sales, Publisher: Conveyor Editions

  3. gratuitoustype.com Design: Elana Schlenker, Front End Developer: Rich Watts Photography: Ross Mantle & Elana Schlenker, Typefaces: Grilli Type

  4. Visible Spectrum box set

  • Brooklyn, NY & Pittsburgh, PA
  • Designer

Elana Schlenker

Elana Schlenker is an art director and graphic designer. Through her independent studio practice she creates visual identities, books and publications, interactive projects, and environmental graphics. In 2013, Elana was named to Print Magazine’s New Visual Artist list. In 2015, she was selected for the Center for Architecture’s Graphic Design Shortlist. Prior to the establishment of her studio practice, Elana worked as an art director at Condé Nast and senior designer at Princeton Architectural Press. Elana is also the publisher of Gratuitous Type, an occasional pamphlet of typographic smut, and the creator of Less Than 100, a traveling pop up shop for gender wage parity.