1. Kate Spade SS 2015

  • New York, NY
  • Copywriter

Dan Shapiro

Dan Shapiro is a copywriter at Anomaly in NYC where he’s involved in a lot of different projects. He loves writing scripts and filming them. A western Mass guy, he enjoys pancakes breakfasts, the New England Patriots, dappled light, central air, drinking _ days a week, and his parents.



Kate Spade SS 2015
Director: Dan Shapiro
DP: Corey Walter
Featuring: Carlen Altman, Jen Steele and Kimbra Lo
Voice from Heaven: Anna Milner

BICA presents: art_spaces
Director: Dan Shapiro
DP: Sean Mattison
Featuring: Me, Carlin Catra Cwik and Lars Jorgensen

Converse CONs | Lunch Money
Created and Produced at Anomaly NY.
Director: Jaron Albertin

Converse Weapons | Sharks
Created and Produced at Anomaly NY.
Director: Jun Diaz