• Los Angeles, USA
  • Visual Artist - Creative Programming / Generative Design / Computational Art

Raven Kwok (Ruiwen Guo)

Raven Kwok is a visual artist, animator and programmer. His artistic and research interest mainly focus on exploring generative visual aesthetic brought by computer algorithms and software processes. In 2014, Kwok graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with the M.F.A. degree in Electronic Arts. His works have been screened and exhibited at festivals including Ars Electronica, Vienna Independent Shorts, Resonate, Punto y Raya, Electronic Language International Festival, MIAF, SICAF, ITFS, etc.

Algorithmic Menagerie (2014)
Algorithmic Menagerie is a continuation of the MFA thesis work of Kwok’s long term research exploring artificial life and self-organization in the field of computer-based generative art. Programmed in Processing, Algorithmic Menagerie is an interactive virtual environment inhabited by algorithmic creatures. These creatures with dynamic cellular structures are created using various methods of finite subdivision on geometric objects, and exhibit different kinds of biological interactions with each other, reaching equilibrium within the simulated ecosystem. Audience participants are invited to intervene or interact in the life process.

Greatness (2016)
Greatness is a code-based generative lyrics video directed and programmed by Kwok for the track Greatness by Karma Fields featuring Talib Kweli. The entire lyrics video consists of multiple variations of a customized generative system programmed using Processing.

Portal 1.0 (2014)
Portal 1.0 is an interactive projection mapping installation created using Processing. Audience can play around with a morphing sphere teleporting between four separated cubic cells. Real-time graphics is mapped using a customized keystone program developed by Kwok and projected onto eight surfaces of four cardboard boxes. Real-time sonification is generated using granular synthesis, with frequency and amplitude mapped based on the sphere’s position.