• San Francisco, CA
  • Executive Creative Producer, Environments/Architecture
  • Airbnb

Rachael K. Harvey

Rachael K. Harvey is co-founder of Airbnb Environments, an internal team that designs workspace and event space. The team’s mission is to imbue Airbnb Environments with brand values so that they communicate and support the company culture.

Prior to working for Airbnb Rachael was a partner at Myriad Harbor, a design firm specializing in commercial interiors. She earned a Bachelors of Architecture from California College of the Arts.


One Airbnb 2015 was a global company gathering for 1500 employees held at Pier 48 in San Francisco, California. The design transformed the vacant pier into a landscape of abstract white on white facades behind which colorful interiors celebrated each city in which Airbnb has a regional office. The space hosted a series of breakout sessions, main stage talks, evening cocktails and a family dinner. The event was designed by Airbnb Environments and produced in collaboration with B Line Events.


The Airbnb Dublin office was completed May 2016. The office for 400 people is located in a former bicycle factory on the Hanover Quay in Dublin, Ireland. Airbnb Environments works with local architects in each office market to tap into the design culture of a city. This is the fourth project completed in partnership with Heneghan Peng Architects. 

(Photo Credit: Donal Murphy)


The Airbnb Portland office was completed in October 2015. The office for 300 people is located in the Blagen Building, a former canvas factory in downtown Portland, Oregon. Rachael Yu and Aaron Taylor Harvey, founding members of Airbnb Environments designed the space. The project was completed in collaboration with Bora Architects as the Project Architect.

(Photo Credit: Jeremy Bittermann)