• New York, NY
  • Food Designer

Laila Gohar

Laila Gohar is a New York-based food designer who creates custom eating experiences in non traditional environments. Using food as an artistic medium and a tool for communication, she explores the nature of human interaction by creating convivial, multi-sensory edible moments. Through her work, Laila encourages a sense of playfulness with the audience, evoking memories, and breaking the norms of social etiquette and fine dining. Her work draws upon historic methods of food preparation, and as a whole, food’s role in society.

Laila’s studio creates food installations and pop ups in conjunction with art, design and fashion events. She works internationally.

Sundial (10 foot diameter) filled with 30 pounds of licorice and rock candy.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Tiffany & Co.
Gohar was commissioned to design her take on “breakfast at Tiffanys”. She explored the themes of excess and greed through sugar and created 5 unique edible works.

Unwrapping Grey
Jason Wu
Jason Wu commissioned Laila to create a food installation for the launch of new line,
Grey. Laila created edible sculptures around the core themes of beauty in balance and
the excitement around a reveal.

On Your Mark
Laila created a food game for Everlane’s pop-up store. Guests roamed around maze-like food
structures, in an attempt to demystify each of their components and reach the finish line.

Human | Nature & Plant Morphology
Chamber Gallery & Andrew Zuckerman
In conjunction with the opening of Andrew Zuckerman’s show at Chamber Gallery, Laila created a meal made up of each of the 5 fundamental elements of the plant.