• Chicago, USA
  • Interactive Art

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller is a 20-year-old artist and designer from Chicago. He creates interactive, generative art on the Internet using WebGL. He is fascinated by reflections, refractions, moiré patterns, and feedback loops. He is currently a sophomore at NYU Gallatin where he is concentrating on Digital Art, Art History, and Computer Science. His work can be found at

My Shards
Created in February 2015 using 3D models of glass shards, MY SHARDS, is a personal textural reflection. Each texture is broken up and dynamic, allowing for a meditative and captivating piece.

River of Slime
This piece was created in August 2015 and shown in my first group show. The show, titled “HOW TO WATER”, was at Eastside International in Los Angeles. The piece was created using WebGL.

Liminality Sequence
A photo essay created in WebGL in March 2016. Chronicles a week of my life during which I underwent some medical testing and my future felt as if it were in flux.

International Woolmark Prize – Join the Chain Reaction
Created in January 2016 alongside Melbourne-based creative studio Three60, Join the Chain Reaction is an interactive website for generating and manipulating fashion imagery associated with the 2016 International Woolmark Prize. Users are able to draw on imagery previously manipulated by other users and share their own creation with the world. Created using shaders in WebGL with Three.js.

Privacy Mesh
Created July 2016, Privacy Mesh is inspired by construction meshes found throughout New York City and the patterns they form when layered on top of each other.