• Los Angeles, CA
  • Musician/DJ/Producer/Actor

Timothy Nordwind

Born and raised in Michigan, Timothy Nordwind received his BFA in Playwrighting from the Theatre School at Depaul University in Chicago. After graduation, Timothy and his friends formed the band OK Go. OK Go has become best known for their groundbreaking viral videos garnering millions of views and winning them several awards including a Grammy Award and MTV VMA’s. The basic fundamental philosophy of the band is to chase their wildest and most challenging creative ideas, play a lot, and hope to god it all works in the end.

Outside of OK Go, Timothy is a DJ/Producer for the dance based collective Xia Xia Technique. He also produces and plays in the dark indie pop band, Pyyramids. Recently, Timothy has acted in a few films including the upcoming indie comedy Dave Made A Maze, as well as Other People’s Children for which he also wrote two songs for the soundtrack. Timothy currently resides in Los Angeles.