Jury & Nominators

ADC Young Guns 2016 returns the international showcase of young creative talent to its roots. Potential Young Guns winners must first be nominated by one or more of the luminaries and influencers listed here. This globe-spanning, diverse collection of professionals will nominate the very best young creatives that they have witnessed across their disparate careers. Additionally, current ADC Members will also be given the opportunity to submit their professional and personal projects for consideration. These nominees, along with select ADC Members, will then have their bodies of work reviewed by the ADC Young Guns 2016 Jury, an elite group of past ADC Young Guns winners and ADC Board Members. Finally, this Jury will select which nominees stand above all others, to stand shoulder to shoulder with past notable talents as ADC Young Guns 2016 winners.

ADC Young Guns 2016 Nomination Committee
ADC Young Guns 2016 Jury