The Life-saving Cable

Young & Rubicam FMS

Azerbaijan has the highest number of Thalassemic births in the world. Kids with such disorder need regular blood transfusions. Donors are never enough. We invented a bracelet that allows to donate energy from one Android phone to another. We then launched a fully integrated campaign with a simple message: ‘Donate energy to save a phone, donate blood to save a life.’ The bracelet was given as a gift to anyone who purchased an android phone in a NAR store across the country. 

As a result, the whole country talked about us. Celebrities, bloggers and even politicians became our spontaneous ambassadors. In one week, the Project’s Facebook page became 10 times more popular than page of any other Thalassemic Organization in the world. Our App became #1 among social apps in Azerbaijan. Client promised to audience to prolong the campaign. Donations rose by 335%.
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