Critical Mass

Despite the danger, the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) goes into minefields to provide a better future for communities literally and figuratively crippled by these weapons. To increase awareness, we created a campaign culminating in an interactive event at the New Museum in New York City on the International Day of Mine Awareness and Action. The event featured speeches by United Nations staff, the Japanese Ambassador and images from the renowned photographer Marco Grob. At the core of the event was our iBeacons-powered app Sweeper.

With no paid media support and the budget constraints of a nonprofit, we used an exclusive social approach on the UN’s website and social properties (#NoMoreMines) to lead up to the event. After discovering the slightly unsettling fact that iBeacons, the Bluetooth proximity technology, are triggered in a similar way as landmines, we worked with this basic technological insight to create the Sweeper app.

After downloading the Sweeper app, users explored the exhibit space at The New Museum, unaware of the hidden iBeacons. When users would trip an iBeacon, they’d hear the sound of an explosion through their headphones and then a message explaining what they’d detonated and its effects. Users were then provided an opportunity to share their experience with social networks and donate directly to UNMAS.
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