Spell Up

Google Creative Lab

Spell Up is a voice-powered game that can help improve your English. Using a combination of different web technologies, the Chrome browser will understand what you say and use it to control the game. When Web Speech, a new voice recognition API, was added to Chrome we wanted to introduce it to the public in a playful and useful way. We decided to showcase the technology as an educational tool that could help those learning a new language, like English. We also gave ourselves the challenge of making the technology accessible, easy-to-use, and fun.

To build up your word tower, listen for the words and spell them aloud, pronounce them correctly, solve word jumbles, and guess mystery words. Along the way, you can earn medals and coins that can be used to activate power-ups and add more levels to your tower, faster. Nearly 4 million visits, with more than 56% of users coming from countries where English is not the first language.  It was picked up by educational and tech press, and social media posts showed usages from living rooms to schools all over the world.
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