OFFF St. Petersburg Skazka Title Sequence


Mill+ creative director Rama Allen and art director Chris Palazzo created a title sequence for the OFFF Conference in St. Petersburg Russia. It is an allegory for the collaborative creative process, expressed in two ways: a linear film and online interactive experience. It’s an experiment that translated human input into digital space. Dance choreography, motion capture, particle systems, calligraphy, experimental ink interactions, HTML 5, luck and mishap collide to tell a story about the highs and lows of collaborative thinking and making. 

The sweep of a real dancer turns into the flush of a particulate avatar. The fussing and mixing of colored inks into our animated textures, mountains, dancers, trees, and space. An interactive version was built as a partner experience. An online world allows visitors to explore and make art within our world, extending the collaborative creative process to a global audience.

Visitors can choreograph the camera to create their own micro films, exported as gifs and publishable to Facebook. Our project is a creation myth. A parable of thinking and making. Something that invites everyone to be an artist, a character, a collaborator.

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