Razorfish, Sydney

The traditional comms channels used by governments are slow, offline and restrictive, so we leveraged social media mechanics and mapping technology to create the online platform #GetTheMayor – a Future Platform for Citizen Engagement that lets citizens get involved in helping shape the future of their city. How? By giving everyone the chance to influence the Mayor of Heidelberg’s weekly schedule and have him visit a place of their choice in order to put the cities focus on the issues concerning Heidelberg they are most passionate about!

The Result: Within 4 weeks nearly 10% of Heidelberg’s citizens have visited the online platform, generating thousands of votes, leading to real meetings between the Mayor and citizens – and most importantly – giving the mayor and his team concrete actions to focus on. And with 50% of the users being between 18 and 34, #GetTheMayor helped activate a younger demographic that has never engaged with the traditional platforms cities usually offer.
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