EA Sports Madden GIFERATOR

Grow / Heat / Google Creative Partnerships

Fewer people are playing the Madden NFL video game than they once did, despite the fact that NFL ratings are higher than ever. Madden needed to regain its cultural relevance and connect with a new generation of football fans. 

Idea: We created Madden GIFERATOR, a real-time NFL GIF engine that generated a live stream of animated GIFs triggered by the action on TV. Fans could also take control of the GIFERATOR on any device and create their own GIFs to zing their rivals.

Results: GIFERATOR exploded into culture with massive adoption by fans, brands, NFL teams, and players. More than 160 media outlets piled in, quickly making it one of the year’s top memes. With its epic scale and targeted reach, GIFERATOR set a new standard for real-time marketing.

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