TVCs are proved to be the driver for integrated campaigns, but the awareness of TV-commercials has hit an all-time low, from 2007´s 62% to today’s 41%. To fight this, we decided to take integrated campaigns to the next level by including a new media, a prime time tv-show, as a part of an integrated campaign.

We created an entirely new platform for brands to do integrated campaign, a scripted sitcom called Brändärit. It´s a story of a fictional advertising agency that works for real clients, like Nissan or Lidl and in each episode a real campaign is made that airs right after the show. Participating brands buy a media package that includes an active role in one episode and an integrated campaign (TVC, Radio, Online).

Ten big brands participated and being part of the show, they were open to create crazy campaigns that made news and tabloids, and were the topic of conversation nationwide and even in Germany!  Brändärit generated 210 minutes of branded content in prime time, 500 seconds of effective brand advertising (awareness 74% vs 41% average), ten integrated campaigns, over 150 articles in media worldwide and thousands of behind the scenes media assets, making it the biggest integrated campaign to date.

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