American Express UNSTAGED


American Express UNSTAGED brought the world its first interactive mobile application music video experience starring Taylor Swift and the smash hit, ‘Blank Space’ from her latest album 1989. The American Express UNSTAGED: Taylor Swift Blank Space Experience brings to life Swift’s music video in a way that allows her fans to be a part of the story. It gives the audience the power to choose where they go, who they follow and what they explore in a stunning house filled with characters, objects and scenes.

Shot with groundbreaking 360° cameras and scored with a rich audio soundtrack, the experience is an immersive journey with intertwined storylines, multiple rooms and dozens of hidden interactive features waiting to be unlocked and explored. Every user’s experience is completely unique as they explore one of the six different rooms, find various collectibles or unlock another step in the hidden scavenger hunt depending on what point in the story or song they chose to interact.

American Express set a new standard for music videos, provided fans unprecedented access to the artist they love, ignited conversation around innovation and redefined brand engagement.

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