Work entered into the Tomorrow Awards for Spring 2015 must have been released between February 8, 2014 and February 6, 2015.

  • All work must be produced in response to a genuine brief from a client, made available to the public through a legal medium or mediums and approved, and paid for by the client.
  • Experimental work without clients is acceptable as long as it was produced for real. Concepts, spec or works created solely for the purpose of entering competitions are not eligible.
  • All entries must be new. You can NOT submit something that you have previously submitted to the Tomorrow Awards.
  • The Tomorrow Awards retains the rights to disqualify entries that offend national, religious, cultural or racial sensitivities.
  • In the event that a jury questions the eligibility of an Entry, the Entrant will be required to provide documentary evidence to demonstrate its eligibility.
  • Self-promotional work is eligible only if it was released commercially and distributed/made available to potential customers.
  • Business owners can enter work that has been produced in-house and made available commercially.