• HonorBronze
  • Advertising
  • SectionPromotional Materials
  • CategoryPromotional
  • Title True Wetsuits
  • ClientQuickSilver Japan
  • CountryJapan
  • Chief Creative OfficerMiki Matsui
  • Executive Creative Director Kazoo Sato
  • Creative DirectorKazoo Sato
  • Art DirectorKeisuke Shimizu
  • CopywriterTakahiro Hosoda
  • DesignerKeiuske Shimizu
  • Copy EditorTetsu Suzuki, Hideyuki Kobayashi
  • Director of PhotographyMakoto Okuguchi
  • DirectorTakumi Shiga
  • Producer Teppei Ohno
  • Head of ProductionTaiyo Kikaku
  • Music/Composer Audioforce

True Wetsuits

Surfing is one of the most popular sports in Japan. However, the unfortunate truth is that 90% of young Japanese surfers hang up their wetsuits for good once they start working in the real world. Quiksilver wanted to bring these men back, back into the fold, back into the line-up with a revolutionary product. While the conventional approach in promoting a new lifestyle is to push existing products through traditional ads, we disrupted the category by designing a product catered to our target’s lifestyle. Our concept – a dual-purpose wetsuit for on and off time was developed through extensive research of our target. Many enjoyed starting their day surfing before heading to work, but frustrated with process and time it took them to change into their business suits. As they lead a busy lifestyle, too often they would have to give up surfing due to their tight schedule. With this insight, we began our development of dual-purpose wetsuit from scratch. The suit was collaboratively designed between Japan’s top fashion designer and wetsuit craftsman. The suit jacket / pants were made from 2mm thick Neoprene; first to be applied for business suits. We also worked with 3M to develop a special fabric, DRY FLIGHT, for the world’s first waterproof dress shirt.