• HonorGold
  • Advertising
  • SectionInnovation
  • CategoryAdvertising
  • TitleSafety Truck
  • ClientSamsung
  • AgencyLeo Burnett Argentina
  • CountryArgentina
  • Executive Creative DirectorLuis Sanchez Zinny, Carmelo Maselli
  • Creative DirectorChany D'Amelio
  • Art DirectorChany D'Amelio
  • CopywriterChany D'Amelio
  • DesignerIngematica, Federico Alvarez
  • Director of PhotographyBill Nieto
  • Production CompanyGloria Films
  • DirectorMartín Piñeiro
  • Executive ProducerFabián Zayat
  • ProducerSebastián García Suarez, Verónica Bordon
  • Head of ProductionFederico Puricelli
  • Music/ComposerNoroeste Música
  • Account DirectorVerónica Matile

Safety Truck

Multiple Honors

Overtaking is the main cause of traffic accidents in Argentina’s one-lane roads. With Samsung’s Safety Truck we want to make sure that drivers can safely overtake the truck and consequently reduce the amount of accidents. Samsung Safety Truck is a truck with a camera installed at the front, that wirelessly sends its images to 4 LCD screens placed at the back, allowing the drivers behind the truck to see what’s coming ahead on the road and helping them to perform a safe overtake.

Also Won:
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Silver in Advertising: Pop-Up Advertising / Stunts / Guerrilla
Merit in Digital: Craft in Digital / Use of Technology