• HonorGold
  • Design
  • SectionPoster Design
  • CategoryPromotional
  • TitlePleats Please Animals
  • ClientIssey Miyake Inc.
  • AgencyTaku Satoh Design Office Inc.
  • CountryJapan
  • Art DirectorTaku Satoh
  • DesignerShingo Noma
  • PhotographerKoji Udo

Pleats Please Animals

These posters were created as visuals for the annual campaign of a fashion brand, PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE. The clothes of the brand are not only very colorful, bright, and amusing, but offer the potential for anything. This time, I expressed animals living with humans on our Planet Earth. They also signify my thoughts about the ecology for animals as well as environmental issues. But above all, I wanted to create something cute, something that makes us instinctively feel, without reason, “kawaii” – just as you felt when seeing the clothes of PLEATS PLEASE for the first time. When you look at the backs of these animals, you may connect with their emotions.