• HonorMerit
  • Advertising
  • SectionPress Advertising
  • CategoryNewspaper Advertisement
  • TitleErase The Difference
  • ClientBanamex - Cdc
  • AgencyPublicis Mexico
  • CountryMexico
  • Executive Creative DirectorHector Fernandez Maldonado
  • Creative DirectorJessica Apellaniz, Luis Madruga Enriquez
  • Art DirectorAlfredo Fiero Ramos, Luis Madruga Enriquez
  • CopywriterChristian Santacruz Pimpon, Jessica Apellaniz
  • Copy EditorJosh Parshauer
  • ChairmanAlejandro Cardoso
  • Vice ChairmanJuan Carlos Tapia
  • PhotographerOscar Ruiz
  • Head of ProductionClaudia Shelley
  • Account DirectorAtria Medina, Juan Carlos Rached

Erase the Difference

We took aerial photographs focusing exactly on the line that literally divides the poor and from the rich. The idea was to show the contrast, we didn’t expect to find as many as we did. The contrast was so surreal that the photographs seamed like manipulated images that we put together, even though they were completely real. We decided to share the unbranded photographs with the local media. As expected, they were used as content to talk about the social disparity in the country. What we didn’t expect was that the rest of the world would use them too. Just when the photos were news around the world, we launched our campaign. “This image has not been modified. It’s time to change that. Erase the difference at”. The response was overwhelming, we are receiving countless hits from around the world.