• HonorSilver
  • Advertising
  • SectionPop Up Advertising
  • CategoryInstallation
  • TitleDreams Of Dalí
  • ClientThe Dalí Museum
  • AgencyGoodby Silverstein & Partners
  • CountryUnited States
  • Creative DirectorAdam Reeves, Sam Luchini, Roger Baran, Mike Landry
  • Art DirectorSam Luchini
  • CopywriterRoger Baran
  • ChairmanJeff Goodby
  • PhotographerClaude Shade, Quinn Gravier
  • Production CompanyGoodby Silverstein & Partners
  • DirectorSam Luchini, Nathan Shipley, Roger Baran
  • Executive ProducerPJ Koll
  • ProducerNathan Shipley, Severin Sauliere, Margaret Brett-Kearns
  • EditorDavid Sullivan
  • AnimatorChris Carmichael, Nathan Shipley
  • Sound DesignDave Baker
  • Music/ComposerDave Baker
  • Account DirectorKatie Lancaster

Dreams Of Dalí

Multiple Honors

Dreams of Dalí Campaign Site

As part of the Dalí Museum exhibition Disney and Dalí: Architects of the Imagination, we created Dreams of Dalí, a virtual-reality experience that takes viewers inside the mind of the legendary surrealist Salvador Dalí and brings to life the landscape in his 1935 painting Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “The Angelus.” The experience is also available online, both for desktops and mobile devices, at, and in virtual reality with VR gadgets like Google Cardboard. In Dreams of Dalí, viewers move around inside the painting in a fully immersive 3-D environment, explore beyond the areas depicted on the canvas and listen to the artist’s thoughts. The experience includes famous elements of Dalí’s work and signal motifs that recur in other of his paintings in the museum’s permanent collection. The campaign included a trailer featuring the 1988 song “Where Is My Mind?” by the Pixies, performed by pianist Maxence Cyrin.

Also Won:
Bronze in Digital: Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Content Interactive Film