• Melbourne, Australia
  • Buro North

Soren Luckins

Director, Buro North

Soren is the founder and Creative Director of Buro North, one of Australia’s leading user experience, wayfinding and design studios. Having founded the studio in 2005 Soren has driven the organisations growth and development to become one of the most awarded and recognised studios in Australia. With significant health, infrastructure, transportation, commercial, urban and cultural projects delivered all over Australia and the studio has expanded to delivering projects of world significance in Dubai, South East Asia and New Zealand.

Soren leads a team of talented, lateral-thinking designers and oversees every stage; from brand research and client consultation to implementation and project delivery. Primarily interested in the execution of innovative ideas, Soren’s unique approach to design reflects his passion for contemporary art, science and innovation. He is focused on the fusion of creativity and pragmatics; balancing the demands of both to ensure exceptional outcomes. Soren holds a Bachelor of Design and Honours degree in Industrial Design from Swinburne University as well as a combined diploma from Germany’s Facchoschule Hildesheim University. Among many other awards, Soren has received the prestigious ‘Young Guns’ award from the Advertising and Design Club of New York.