“Of The Year” Awards

In addition to Gold, Silver, Bronze Cubes and Merit winners, ADC honors select companies and individuals who have demonstrated excellence in craft.

designismDesignism Award


Born in 2011 out of a popular ADC annual speaker series, the ADC Designism Cube is a highly coveted honor awarded only to non-profit efforts. Winning entries not only meet peerless creative standards, but they must also encourage positive societal and political change.

Any work that is entered as non-profit can be considered for the Designism award for an additional $50 fee upon registering. This includes work created by non-profit organizations as well as work created for non-profit organizations.

Past Designism winners include “The Scarecrow” by CAA for Chipotle, “Metamorphosis” by BUCK for Good Books and “Operation Christmas” by LOWE/SSP3 for the Colombia Ministry of Defense.


ADC-Black-Cube-Forsman-BodenforsADC Black Cube for Best-in-Show


ADC honors each best-in-show winner with the ADC Black Cube. The Black Cube is only awarded to entries in the Design, Digital and Advertising categories, and is awarded at the discretion of a unanimous jury; as such, the Black Cube is not awarded every year.

ADC-Festival-Agency-of-the-Year-McCannCumulative Awards


Honors for Agency of the Year, Network of the Year, Design Team of the Year, Digital Agency of the Year, Client of the Year, Production Company of the Year, and School of the Year are based upon cumulative points for the year’s winning work.


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