• Chicago, Illinois
  • Designer & Art Director, Wright

Jennifer Mahanay

Designer & Art Director, Wright


Jennifer Mahanay is a Designer and Art Director at Wright, the premier auction house for modern art & design in Chicago & New York. At Wright, she proudly directs a creative team of designers, photographers and web developers to express the Wright brand. The in-house creative team produces all of Wright’s award-winning catalogs, exhibition materials, print collateral, and marketing. It is her pleasure to art direct Wright’s photographers and cutting-edge production team for Wright’s websites: wright20.com and wright-now.com. Her greatest thrill is fostering the biggest ideas down to the tiniest details, no matter the media. Making beautiful things is a passion – collaborating with other creatives is a privilege.

Jennifer has been designing at Wright for 8 years, prior to joining Wright she worked with Rick Valicenti/Thirst for two summers. She graduated with dual degrees in photography and graphic design from University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. Her work has been recognized in the STA Design Archive, Communication Arts, the Art Director’s Club and Under Consideration, among others. Most recently her work was featured in CHGO DSGN, an exhibition of recent object and graphic design by 100+ of Chicago’s leading designers.