1. Jenni Wolfson, Executive Director of Chicken & Egg Pictures

Art. Storytelling Impact: Five Installations

ADC Members' creations highlight a decade of filmmaking women.

Last Thursday, the ADC Gallery played host to the grand opening of Art. Storytelling. Impact, an exhibition that also served as the tenth anniversary celebration of Chicken & Egg Pictures, an organization that champions and supports women non-fiction filmmakers whose artful and innovative storytelling catalyzes social change. And while the packed house was certainly there to applaud their efforts and wish them well on their next ten years, the highlights of the evening were the five installations on display.

Earlier this summer, ADC, along with our global partner Shutterstock, reached out to ADC Members to submit proposals to build art installations based on five Chicken & Egg Pictures-funded films. Shutterstock then gave the selected artists $1000 each to bring their ideas — and the themes of the documentaries — to life within the ADC Gallery. The end result was an eclectic mashup of art, technology and design.

We are so grateful to the ADC artists who made the evening a roaring success,” says Jenni Wolfson, Executive Director of Chicken & Egg Pictures. “This was a celebration of ten years of supporting women documentary filmmakers using their art, craft and storytelling prowess to affect social change, and a look to the future where our goal is to increase the number and diversity of women entering and building careers in documentary film.”

At Shutterstock, we’re passionate about empowering the world’s storytellers, so helping to unite artists and filmmakers around the themes of art, storytelling, and impact was a no brainer for us,” exclaims Ashley Patterson, Marketing Manager and Partner of Shutterstock. “We were thrilled to be a part of the event.”

The exhibition is on display at the ADC Gallery until November 5. In the meantime, be sure to click on the images below to learn about how each ADC Member created their installation, and what the filmmakers thought of their creations.

Gautam Rao

“Water Tables”
Based on the film Semper Fi: Always Faithful
by Rachel Libert & Tony Hardmon

Danelle Marqui Brown

Based on the film Sepideh: Reaching for the Stars
by Berit Madsen

Tanisa Sharif

Based on the film Vessel
by Diana Whitten

Victoria Jordan

Based on the film Thank You for Playing
by Rachel Libert & Tony Hardmon

Michael Hess & Sal Russomanno

“Bold Moves”
Based on the film Brooklyn Castle
by Katie Dellamaggiore