It has finally set in: the hot, humid, crowded, window-unit mandatory NYC summer. If you’re not one of the few, the proud, the privileged, then you’re probably spending at least a few weekends of the summer in the city or the vicinity. If you’re looking for an inspirational day trip, look no further than Dia:Beacon, Dia Art Foundation’s outpost slightly north of Manhattan.

I had been planning a pilgrimage to Dia for a few years, and a summer Friday finally seemed like the appropriate time. I packed a picnic and my D-SLR and hopped in the car. If you don’t have a car, Beacon is very easily accessible via Metro North from Grand Central Terminal, and the trip takes less than two hours.

Upon arrival at Dia, it was like an oasis: an uncrowded, vastly open space, filled with art. In other words, it seems impossible for it to exist in a metropolitan area. An entire day can be spent roaming throughout the warehouse-like space, collapsing on conveniently placed couches, and taking in the surroundings: intricate LeWitt wall drawings, Flavin neons, tilted Serra’s, and a gigantic Bourgeois spider.

A haven for Minimalism, Conceptual Art, and large-scale sculpture from the mid-century onward, the experience at Dia:Beacon is extremely cohesive, with some welcome surprises. A Bruce Nauman exhibition in the basement elicited a chuckle, and Alighiero Boetti’s embroidery and works on paper represented a focus on handwork.

Upon leaving Dia:Beacon I couldn’t help but berate myself for never having visited before. What a fantastic space in which to immerse onesself in art and simultaneously escape the hectic heat of the NYC summer. To round out an afternoon upstate, I headed to the Newburgh Brewing Company just across the river to enjoy a cold brew as a reward for a successful culturally stimulating afternoon outside of the city.

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