Are You an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur? Find out at StartUP 4.0: Cultivating Innovation

Whether you’re at an established agency or a lone individual with an entrepreneurial itch, we could all use a dose of the start up spirit, the fuel that’s powering the best ideas and biggest changes in the industry today. That’s why we’ve shaken things up a bit for the next ADC StartUP and included people from both camps: the usual sampling of creatives who have ventured out on their own, as well as a few directors who have turned this mindset inward within the structure of an agency. They’re all cultivating innovation with the same eye toward the future, but will offer different perspectives on exactly how to get there.


Kim Bost, Product Design Lead at Etsy
Alexis Tryon, Co-founder and CEO of Artsicle
Jason Wisdom and Andy Hagerman, Co-founders and Partners of The Design Gym
Aaron Shapiro, CEO, HUGE Labs
Imari Oliver, Innovation Director of LABS, mcgarrybowen

How are these startups changing the way business is done?

Etsy has grown considerably since its founding in 2005 and is keeping up the pace by engineering organization development programs for the company’s emerging leaders including discussion-based workshops and self-diagnostic tools. Artsicle has a vision to change the stodgy art industry for the better by making it more inclusive for artists and for people who want to live with beautiful work in their homes. They’re doing it by connecting the two groups directly and employing a rental model that makes collecting feasible for any budget. The Design Gym is establishing a community of creative thinkers through education and collaboration. Focusing on the power of good ideas, they have a mission to let the world know that everyone is a designer.

So what does intrapreneurship look like?
HUGE Labs funds employees’ ideas and establishes them as separate companies with their own teams at their Brooklyn headquarters. They work with startups to make client connections and facilitate workshops to encourage new thinking and generate problem-solving collaboration. LABS at mcgarrybowen is a group within the international agency that is dedicated to experimenting with new technologies in order to foster creativity and innovation in all aspects of their client-based work.

Join us at 6pm on Wednesday, November 20th at the ADC Gallery.

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to present such an illustrious and varied group of voices on the topic of cultivating innovation—anyone seeking a new plan to get an idea to the next level or just an engaging evening is sure to find inspiration and motivation.

Reserve your spot now for a chance to be invited to the top-secret WeWorkshop led by The Design Gym at an undisclosed location from 1-2pm the same day—there are still a few spots left, but not for long!

All photos by Erik Valind, ADC Member