1. Lettering by ADC Member and ADC Young Guns 13 winner Gemma O'Brien

April is ADC Typography and Lettering Month


It’s baaaaaack! Typography and Lettering Month was such a runaway success last year on the ADC Blog that you just knew we’d be doing it again. Something about letterforms, whether they’re flowing organically out of a pen or being meticulously crafted into glyphs for future use, brings out the best in both our ADC Members and the creative community at large.

Hot on the heels of Illustration Month and the ongoing Photography Month, we are looking to feature ADC Members whose predominant talents lie in typography, type design and/or lettering. If you’re a professional, student or amateur, we’d love to showcase you, your work and your personal story on the ADC Blog and across our social media channels.

*You must be a current ADC Member to be featured.
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Here’s what we’ll need from you:


      • Your headshot
      • Name
      • Title (Letterer, Type Designer etc.)
      • Location (City/State/Country)
      • Website
      • Contact info you’d like published (email/phone number/rep’s contact info if applicable)
      • Twitter handle (so we can share your feature with our extensive social media network)
      • Instagram handle (for the same reasons as Twitter)
      • 8–12 samples of your work to go alongside your feature (optimized for web) If you have complete typefaces of your own to show off, feel free to include it!



Then, just answer the following:


      • Where did this crazy adventure all begin? Did you have a particularly creative upbringing?
      • What made you realize that you wanted to make a career out of letterforms, and what convinced you it was even possible? What steps did you take to get you there? (School, internships, apprenticeships etc.)
      • How would you best describe your style in a sentence? Do you fight against having a telltale style, or do you embrace it as your brand?
      • Walk us through your usual creative process. How does a project generally come in? How do you brainstorm? Do you start on paper? Digitally? How do you know when you’re “finished”?
      • TO TYPE DESIGNERS/TYPOGRAPHERS: What is your favorite ‘practical’ typeface, one for everyday use? What is it that you love about it so much? What about more decorative typefaces — which are your favorite ones?
      • TO HAND LETTERERS: Everybody’s got a favorite brand of marker, a favorite kind of ink, that pencil with just the right amount of heft. What are yours, and why do you swear by them?
      • What’s your favorite letter of the alphabet when it comes to experimenting with design? Why is that your favorite? (Ampersands don’t count!)
      • Who wins in a fight: serif or sans serif? (by all means, have fun with this one!)
      • “Wait, what is that you do again?” How do you explain what you do for a living to people who aren’t in creative fields?What’s the thing they can’t quite grasp about it?
      • Tell us about your favorite project to date. What set it apart from everything else? (and be sure to include it if you
      • What would be your dream project/assignment/client? What’s something you’ve never had the opportunity to do thus far, but would kill for that chance?
      • What is the most difficult thing about making a career out of what you do? How do you get around that, and what advice would give to others facing similar challenges?
      • What other creative outlets do you have? Where else do you find inspiration?
      • Which professionals do you look up to the most in the typography/lettering world and why? Have you had any creative mentors?(links to their websites/work if possible)
      • When all is said and done, what do you love most about being a typographer or letterer?


Please send your submissions — or any questions you might have — to Brett McKenzie, ADC’s Content Manager, at bmckenzie@adcglobal.org

Don’t procrastinate too long — Typography + Lettering Month starts on Monday, April 4!