Andrew Maynard: Op-Ed for Parlour

Andrew Maynard wrote a poignant op-ed urging architecture firms to put an end to exploitative working conditions for Australian website Parlour. Though Parlour’s focus is on resources for women and equality in architecture, Andrew’s piece points out that poor working conditions in the profession affect everyone – men and women alike. “I performed my contracted task well and received compliments from fellow employees about the care and rigour of my work. There was no evidence that I did any less work than other employees. However, it became obvious that one idealistic graduate commie upstart like myself was not going to change the exploitative office culture of one of Australia’s biggest firms. So I left,” explained Andrew. Read the article in full here.

About Parlour: A site for active exchange and discussion, Parlour brings together research, informed opinion and resources on women, equity and architecture in Australia. It seeks to expand the spaces and opportunities available to women while also revealing the many women who already contribute in diverse ways.

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