Advertising Gold: Hakuhodu’s “Rice-Code”

Taking rice paddy art to new heights earns an ADC Gold Cube

The clock is ticking on your chance to enter the ADC 94th Annual Awards Advertising category. The deadline has been extended until Monday, February 9, but that will be here before you know it!

Entering the ADC Annual Awards is one thing, but winning a a Cube is another. This week we will be showcasing ads that won Gold Cubes at the 93rd Annual Awards last year, in hopes that these recent winners will inspire you to join them in the history books.

With “Rice-Code”, Hakuhodu Inc. helped turn the famous rice paddy art of a struggling Japanese village into an economic windfall for its citizens… and a Gold Cube for the agency.

Title: Rice-Code
Client: Inakadate
Agency: Hakuhodu Inc.
Chairman: Yuichi Toda
Vice-Chairman: Kunihiko Sawada
Executive Creative Directors: Kazuhiro Suda, Airo Takanohashi
Creative Director: Takahiro Eguchi
Art Director: Keita Kojima
Copywriters: Masako Shimizu, Kei Nakamura
Photographer: Keito Shinada
Editor: Tomohiro Matsumoto
Executive Producer: Takehito Shina
Producer: Koki Yamaguchi
Production Company: NIPPON MOVIE CO.,LTD.
Programmers: Hirochika Matsuo, Akihiro Okada
Curator: Masaru Kametani
Country: Japan